List Of Top 10 Luxury Prisons for the Rich in America

Many luxury prisons in America are exclusively made for wealthy offenders. While generally, prisons are known to be correctional facilities with fewer comfortable and more rules; some specific prisons have become recognized for giving their wealthy inmates a relaxed and higher level of living. 

Here is the list of Top 10 Luxury Prisons for the Rich in American

They get private services and are offered other great experiences. If, after knowing about the top 10 luxury prisons for the rich in America, you want to commit a crime, we will not be surprised.

So, without further ado, let’s discover the correctional facilities for the rich in the United States. 

Top 10 Luxury Prisons for Criminals that are Wealthy

These are the top 10 prisons for the rich in America:

01. Federal Prison Camp at Montgomery, Ala

Federal Prison Camp is located in the middle of Alabama in Montgomery County. It’s a minimum security prison as it holds wealthy people. They are given the chance to live as relaxed as they can. 

Also, the number of inmates is low. It currently has only 445 offenders. There are many reasons for considering the federal prison camp at Montgomery a rich prison. Those include large quarters for inmates, sports facilities, and a clean and tidy environment. 

02. Federal Prison Camp at Alderson, W.Va 

Opened in 1928, the federal prison camp in the southern West Virginia district is also known to be a luxurious correctional facility. The security level is minimum so that inmates can live with relaxation. Currently, there are 664 prisoners. 

The building and its surroundings tell us that only wealthy people can afford to be here. It offers the inmates different recreational experiences, gives access to move freely inside the correctional facility, and provides chances to enroll in vocational and education programs. 

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03. Federal Prison Camp at Pensacola, Fl

FPC Pensacola is in northern Florida’s Escambia County. It’s handling only 397 inmates. Of course, the security level is minimum. 

This correctional facility offers its offenders many privileges, among which are access to outdoor activities, providing entertainment spaces, and giving clean and big quarters for living. 

04. Federal Correctional Institution at Memphis, Ten

The Federal Correctional Institution in Memphis, Tennessee, is prominent as the prison of rich people for having top-notch facilities. It has both minimum and medium security levels.

Wealthy inmates are kept in minimum security prisons. As of 2023, it holds 1,136 at the FCI and FDC and has 96 offenders at the Camp. 

05. Federal Correctional Institution at Sheridan, Oregon

The Federal Correctional Institution at Sheridan was first opened in 1519. It’s situated in the Yamhill County of Oregon district. It has both ordinary and wealthy inmates. 

Wealthy offenders are kept at facilities with minimum security levels, and ordinary inmates are kept in medium security level prisons. Its pretty design, safe living conditions, and entertainment grounds make it one of the most luxurious correctional facilities in the United States. 

06. Federal Correctional Complex at Butner, N.C 

The Federal Correctional Complex in North Carolina’s Butner is widely recognized as a luxury prison for its exceptional facilities.

Inmates get to enjoy the natural beauty and sunlight around them. The facility is huge, but the inmate number isn’t. Prisoners are given fresh and tasty foods.

According to the government info, it’s now holding 1,491 inmates. They are also given complete safety so that no one can harm them. 

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07. Federal Correctional Institution at Dublin, California 

Federal Correctional Institution (FCI) Dublin was established in 1074. It’s located in Alameda, Northern California. This prison offers cozy and well-maintained housing for wealthy inmates.

The security level is low so that prisoners can relax. Moreover, it also offers many luxuries, including a fully stocked library, relaxation places, and various programs for personal growth. 

08. State Correctional Institution Mahanoy

With a total number of inmates of 2,116, SCI, Mahanoy may not sound like a luxury correctional facility. However, it is. The buildings and units are entirely luxurious to look at. Both the inner and outer architectural beauty of this prison will surprise anybody. 

It was first opened in 1993. Although the prisoners are not fully relaxed, they are offered many other necessary services like lavish rooms, sophisticated furniture, and academic and work programs. 

09. Federal Correctional Institution at Ashland, Ky

FCI Ashland is known to be one of the most lavish correctional facilities in America. The prison held wealthy and famous prisoners.

According to reports, it has all the necessary services for rich offenders, including entertainment spaces, and the prison cells come with air conditioning facilities. 

10. Federal Correctional Institution at Otisville, N.Y 

In Orange County of Southern New York, the Federal Correctional Institution is situated. Its establishment was completed in 1977. The prison has both minimum and medium security levels.

It has 1,089 inmates, which may sound like a lot, but the facilities have big and separate rooms for each inmate.

Hence, the population doesn’t matter. It’s also considered a luxury prison as it serves offenders with extraordinary foods and cozier living arrangements. 

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Final Words

Not any criminal can afford to get into a luxurious prison in America. It only houses offenders who are millionaires.

The top 10 luxury prisons for the rich in America offer more facilities to the inmates than other normal prisons, whether private or public. These prisons help wealthy prisoners bring positive changes in them through rehabilitation. 

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