List of 10 Best Prisons in the State of Pennsylvania

In the state of Pennsylvania, many prisons are standing in different counties. While in some of those prisons, inmates are treated badly which we consider the worst prisons, some prisons have maximum security and some of those inmates get many facilities.

A close look at List of 10 Best Prisons in the State of Pennsylvania.

Depending on the facilities they are given inside the prison, we have listed the top 10 best prisons in Pennsylvania. 

The List of 10 Best Prisons in Pennsylvania

These 10 prisons in the state of Pennsylvania are the bests: 

01. SCI Rockview 

In 1915 SCI Rockview was opened in the Benner Township of Pennsylvania. It took 3 years to construct the prison. The reason for building this jail was to replace Western Penitentiary and Eastern State Penitentiary. However, it was later considered as a branch of Western Penitentiary. 

This prison is considered one of the best prisons in Pennsylvania for providing helpful programs for inmates. According to the last update, it now has 2,406 jailbirds who are able to join the wood furniture-making ‘Correctional Industries’ program. Also, inmates are treated well. 

02. FCC Allenwood 

Allenwood Low was first made and opened in 1992. Its security level is low. It’s operated under the Federal Bureau of Prisons. It currently holds 1,450 prisoners.

We think it deserves to be on the list of the best prisons for having a program that treats drug-addicted inmates and helps them to quit drugs. The program is called RDAP. 

Most jailbirds are addicted to alcohol and other harmful drugs. This program teaches them how to slowly reduce their addiction, control their drug desires, and explain why it harms our minds and body.

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This prison also provides education courses. For example, GED courses, social and legal development-related education, and adult education. 

03. SCI Camp Hill 

SCI Camp Hill lets inmates join many useful activities. It provides several great facilities. At first, every inmate’s physical, mental, and drug addiction is examined. According to their needs, they are provided health care services. 

Also, inmates are given enough security for fewer fights and injuries. This special prison is mainly made for male inmates. There are 3,400 jailbirds currently, according to the last updates. It was first opened in 1941. However, there are also very low cases of sexual abuse. 

In 2010 a report said 1.2% of the inmates were sexually abused in jail. However, this still doesn’t make the SCI Camp Hill worse since such scenarios are pretty common there. While some are revealed, and others are kept hidden. 

04. USP Canaan

USP Canaan is located in Wayne County’s Canaan township, which is 20 miles away from northeastern Pennsylvania. David R. Cassara Associates designed its facility, and the prison was opened for the first time in 2005. 

This prison looks beautiful to some people for having V-shaped buildings. It provides high security and currently has 1,226 prisoners. It’s one of the best prisons since it inspires the jailbirds to participate in various physical activities. 

It also has programs that help inmates better their communication skills so that they can interact with one another correctly and live in harmony. 

05. SCI Greene

Why do we think SCI Greene is one of the best jails in Pennsylvania? It’s because it’s a place of art. Yes, it has a community where inmates can learn and play golf. Great. It also lets prisoners work in a program related to the garment industry. 

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The exciting fact is inmates of SCI Greene can also study. It offers different educational courses, including GED and ESI. Other courses include HVAC and business classes, sexual offenses, parenting, and mental and health classes. 

06. FCI McKean 

FCI McKean is holding 1,500 inmates, and they are getting pretty good facilities there. Opened in 1989, this prison lets its jailbirds study and learn literacy and ESL. It also allows them to do diplomas. 

However, they need to complete work. Inmates are bound to work 5 days a week. The prison also ensures that the prisoners are educated about their duties, like serving food and sanitation. This medium-security prison is hence a great jail for criminals.

07. SCI Somerset

Built for male inmates, SCI Somerset offers medium security. It took 82 million US dollars to construct and was built in 1993. Its inmate capacity is 1,600.

It has all adult and male criminals. There are 10 units of facilities, of which 8 are dormitories, and the other two are multi-occupancy cells. 

There is also a special unit where inmates are given a chance to join different work programs. If the prisoners want, they can also join the education programs, which include GED and diploma courses. This prison also helps drug addicts to quit drugs through some high-intensity programs. 

08. SCI Fayette

Well, this prison is considered both the best and the worst. It’s a maximum-security level prison that provides various programs for inmates. 

However, according to some inmates, the health care services are worse, and the guards’ behavior is too rude. One of the great programs for the prisoners is making furniture with metal materials. 

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There are 2,000 beds. However, the number of housed prisoners is 2,034. The main reason for calling SCI Fayette the worst is that it is built beside a coal operation organization, so every year, many prisoners get sick from the toxic environment. 

09. SCI Chester

With 1,275 prisoners, SCI Chester stands in Pennsylvania’s Delaware County. It only houses male criminals. It offers great programs, like helping inmates struggling to quit drugs and alcohol. 

This program educates them about the harmfulness of taking drugs and makes them control their desires. There are also other programs regarding sexual abuse and treatment. 

10. SCI Cambridge Springs

Last but not least, SCI Cambridge Springs is one of the best cells in Pennsylvania. Only female inmates are housed here who are about to get released soon. 

This prison offers many educational and support programs. Although the capacity population of SCI Cambridge Springs is 1,018, it currently keeps 1,072 inmates.

The educational programs include GED training, Cosmetology, Custodial maintenance, and optical courses. 

Final Words

These are the 10 best prisons in the state of Pennsylvania. The list is made depending on the facilities inmates get inside the jails.

You can also check Pennsylvania’s top 7 maximum-security prisons to learn more about US prisons.

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