List of Women’s Prisons in the State of Illinois

A close look at Women's Prisons in the State of Illinois.

Like every other state in America, the state of Illinois has many prisons. It has not only correctional facilities for men but also women.

There is not much difference between male-only and female-only prisons. Still, it’s fine to be curious to learn about all the prisons separately. 

Whether you’re a close relative of a female offender living inside a jail in Illinois or just curious, this article will help you learn everything about all the prisons for women in Illinois. 

We made a list of women’s prisons in the state of Illinois, mentioning its population, programs, and more about the facilities. So, without further ado, let’s explore them together. 

These Three Correctional Facilities in Illinois are Only to Hold Female Prisoners

There are only three prisons where specifically women prisoners are held. Below is the list of those correctional institutions with precise details. 

Logan Correctional Center

Logan Correctional Center came into existence in January 1978. It was built to hold 1,667 female inmates. However, its current population is only 1,071 prisoners. It’s situated in Lincoln, Illinois. 

With multiple security levels, Logan Correctional Center takes care of female prisoners. This correctional facility spends 42,851 US dollars per year for each prisoner, which is a good amount to ensure their well living inside the prison. 

Offenders have nothing much to complain about in the prison system as they’re not tortured. Logan Correctional Center encourages inmates to join various life skills programs and re-entry centers. 

Address: 1096 1350th St, Lincoln, IL 62656, United States

Phone Number: (217) 735-5581

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Decatur Correctional Center

In Decatur, Illinois, a prison for women named Decatur Correctional Center was opened on 24th January 2000.

It’s a minimum security level correctional institution, one of the prisons in America with a Nursery program named “Moms and Babies.” Its present inmate population is 341. 

This is one of the best prisons in Illinois, as it spends a total of $44,042 yearly for an individual.

Other education and work-related programs help inmates learn new things that will help them become useful citizens of the United States after being released.

Address: 2310 E Mound Rd, Decatur, IL 62526, United States

Phone Number: (217) 877-0353

Fox Valley Adult Transition Center

Fox Valley Adult Transition Center in North Lake Street, Aurora, is a female-only prison. This prison has a transitional security system meaning offenders who are able to get released are kept here. 

This security level is below the minimum security level. Hence, prisoners can enjoy a much more relaxing environment than the previous correctional institutions. It was built in 1972 and holds only 128 inmates. 

The average cost of keeping each offender is $24,331 per year. This prison system aids inmates to get jobs outside the prison before getting released. This ensures a better life for the convict after finishing her sentence.

Address: 1329 N Lake St, Aurora, IL 60506, United States

Phone Number: (630) 897-5610

Final Words

Illinois has different prisons for males and females in the United States. Compared to the number of male-only correctional facilities, female-only correctional institutions are fewer. 

Still, it’s worth learning about them, especially if you have someone dear to you serving her sentences. To know further, try calling the prisons with the numbers we provided. 

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