Top 10 Worst Prisons in the State of Pennsylvania

The list of worst Prisons in the State of Pennsylvania.

Among 24 prisons in Pennsylvania, 10 of them are reported to be the worst though Pennsylvania has some maximum security prisons as well. Those particular jails are considered worse for many reasons, including less basic, physical, and mental health care services. 

The prison has become an interesting thing to learn about. So, if you were looking to know the top 10 worst prisons in Pennsylvania, here’s the list. 

The Top 10 Worst Prisons in the State of Pennsylvania that Will Shock You

Here’s the list of the top 10 worst prisons in Pennsylvania: 

01. SCI Huntingdon

SCI Huntingdon is a close-security prison, and it was first opened in 1889. Young offenders were the prisoners of the jail then. This prison is known to be one of the oldest lock-ups. 

According to sources, it’s recognized for its inhumane conditions. The jail holds up many prisoners, making it one of the most overcrowded jails. 

Some criminals have disclosed that keeping prisoners in solitary confinement for long is normal in SCI Huntingdon. There are also often fights between inmates and guards that are reportedly brutal. 

02. SCI Mercer

It’s a minimum-security jail. It’s situated in Pennsylvania’s northwestern portion. It has 30 buildings. Generally, criminals from 14 counties of Pennsylvania’s northwestern part are arrested and housed here. 

SCI Mercer is reported to be a dangerous place since the inmates fight often, and even some reports say that many criminals killed one another while fighting. 

The guards are also brutal and torture the inmates by not giving them enough food and water. Many notorious criminals are prisoners of SCI Mercer. 

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03. SCI Fayette

SCI is situated in La Belle, Pennsylvania. It’s a maximum security prison. It has 2,000 beds. This jail was made on 238-acre areas and cost $125 million. The land on which the prison was made was once one of the biggest fields for coal operations. 

It has maximum security for a reason. It has notable killers, including Adam Leroy Lane, Caleb Fairley, and Gilbert Newton III. It’s considered one of the worst lock-ups for its inhumane conditions. 

Not only inmate fights and cruel guards but also keeping inmates near a coal ash dump, knowing that they will get sick, is a big reason for calling it worse. 

The prisoners reported getting ill and suffering from health problems, including sinus, skin conditions, and gastrointestinal issues. 

04. SCI Graterford

This prison was the vastest in Pennsylvania and had close security. It was located on the 29th route of Pennsylvania. In 2018 it closed, and now there’s another prison called SCI Phoenix. 

The Graterford’s famous inmates were rapper Meek Mill of Philadelphia, a sex cult leader George Feigley, and Bernard Hopkins. 

It’s mainly for being in jail with poor living conditions. There were unsanitary cells, and many inmates were locked up there as a punishment.

It’s also reported that some prisoners became sexually and physically abused by other prisoners, and the guards didn’t take any steps to stop this inhumane work. 

05. SCI Dallas

This jail was primarily created for defective delinquents. It’s in Pennsylvania’s Luzerne County. Currently, it has approximately 2,140 inmates. Four hundred of them are in lifetime prison. It has only 119 beds. So we can already understand how cruel the SCI Dallas prison is. 

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It has medium security and no longer has only “defective delinquents” but also adult male prisoners. The notable criminals of SCI Dallas are Joseph Henry, a convicted killer; Harry “The Hunchback” Riccobene, a mobster; and George Feigley. 

Many of its inmates accused them of facing excessive force and almost no medical care, for which it’s considered one of the worst Pennsylvania prisons. 

06. SCI Mahanoy 

SCI Mahanoy is called a worse prison for how badly it treats the inmates. From solitary confinement to not providing enough guards for the safety of the prisoners, it has more bad reports. 

SCI Mahanoy has only male inmates, has 1,000 cells, and is made on 222-acre of land. Its recognizable inmates are Joshua Komisarjevsky, Robert Nauss, Mark Canty, Mumia Abu-Jamal, and David Freeman. 

07. SCI Smithfield

This close-security prison is notable for having unsanitary lock-ups, and criminals are sometimes housed in cramped.

The inmates have also said that the healthcare services are poor, and they have to wait for a long period to get medical support. This prison was first opened in 1988. George Feigley was imprisoned here for years. 

08. SCI Albion

SCI Albion is a medium-security jail. Here only male criminals are kept to punish for their crimes. This is indeed one of the most inferior prisons as it’s situated in the awfully northwestern corner of Erie County. It’s also reported to be a dangerous place for criminals as it witnessed many deaths of criminals. 

Although mainly medium-security, it also keeps close-security jailbirds. It’s so huge because SCI Albion was built on a 357-acre land. On 30th April 2022, 1,999 male prisoners were brought and locked up in SCI Albion. According to verified sources, it has the capacity to keep 2,191 inmates. 

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09. SCI Cambridge Springs

It’s a minimum-security prison where most jailbirds are kept here, nearing the time they will get released. This was once the ‘Polish National Alliance College.’ The educational institution was later transformed into a jail. 

Currently, it holds 1,072 criminals; however, its capacity is to hold 1,018 inmates, which tells us how cruel and worse this prison is. It’s also criticized for not providing enough mental health care services. It also doesn’t provide the inmates with necessary basic services. 

10. SCI Muncy 

This prison is for women. According to the last update, it had 1,400 female prisoners with life sentences and sentenced to death. Since the criminals of this prison were involved in huge crimes, they were punished with fewer physical and mental health care services. 

They are often kept in small, confined rooms that need to be cleaned. The notable criminals of this prison are Amber Meidinger, Mary Jane Fonder, Peggy Darlene Miller, Sylvia Seegeist, Sharon Wiggins, and Tabitha Buck. 

Final Words

These were the top 10 worst lock-ups in Pennsylvania. Inmates are tortured behind the cells, and fewer facilities are provided.

Although each prison is made on huge land, there are confined rooms where criminals are left to feel more uncomfortable.

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