Top 5 Women’s Prisons in the State of Pennsylvania

In the land of Pennsylvania, there are several security-level prisons like minimum, medium, maximum, and supermax prisons.

Here is the list of top 5 Women's prisons in the State of Pennsylvania

But not all of them hold both s*x criminals. Some cells are made for men, some for women, and others for both. Besides some best prisons, Pennsylvania has a few worst prisons as well.

Many people have been interested in learning about the prisons of Pennsylvania where female inmates are kept.

So how many women’s prisons are there in this state? We will learn their names and essential information, so stick with us till the end. 

FDC Philadelphia

FDC Philadelphia is located at 700 Arch Street. It keeps not only women prisoners but also male criminals. Currently, it’s holding 971 inmates. The building includes 12 stories in which there are 628 lock-ups. In February 1992, the proposal to build FDC was made. 

It was finally created at the end of the 20th century and opened publicly in June 2000, costing $85 million. The facilities are excellent; every cell room is 96-square-foot and has a toilet, slit windows, a table to study, a bunk bed, twin lockers, and a basin. 

SCI Cambridge Springs

This was once the ‘Polish National Alliance College.’ The educational institution was later transformed into a prison. It’s a minimum-security prison where both female and male prisoners are kept here, nearing the time they will get released.

Currently, it holds 1,072 criminals; however, its capacity is to have 1,018 inmates, which tells us how cruel and worse this prison is.

It’s also criticized for not providing enough mental health care services. It also doesn’t give the inmates the necessary essential services. Hence, it’s also counted as one of the worst jails in Pennsylvania.

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Quehanna Boot Camp 

It is another jail for women. This is one of the best prisons for women as the female inmate of Quehanna Boot Camp offers a military-style program.

However, this prison also housed male inmates. The program is called “Quehanna Motivational Boot Camp” and lasts six months. 

Whoever joins the program has to go through extreme physical activities, which makes them stronger each day. This is indeed a unique program that is only offered by some prisons in Pennsylvania. This prison was opened in 1992. 

SCI Muncy

This prison is for women. According to the last update, it had 1,400 female prisoners with life sentences and sentenced to death.

Since the criminals of this prison were involved in enormous crimes, they were punished with fewer physical and mental health care services. 

They are often kept in small, confined rooms that need to be cleaned. The notable criminals of this prison are Amber Meidinger, Mary Jane Fonder, Peggy Darlene Miller, Sylvia Seegeist, Sharon Wiggins, and Tabitha Buck. 

SCI Waynesburg

SCI Waynesburg is situated in Greene County’s Morgan Township. It offers minimum security. It’s vast and stands on 117 acres of land. When it opened, it only held female inmates, but later, male criminals were brought and housed there. 

Final Words

These five women’s prisons in Pennsylvania are not the same. While some are torturing, some are packed with good facilities, and others are neither good nor bad.

We made sure to tell you the most necessary information about these jails, so remember to share these facts with your friends and family. Also, check out more of our prison-related articles. 

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