The List of Top 5 Best Prisons in Illinois

You may have heard about some prisons in Illinois that are regarded as the worst. But did you know that some corrections facilities in this state are considered the best prisons? If not, you must know Illinois’s top 5 best prisons. 

Which are the Best Prisons in Illinois? Let's see.

In these prisons, inmates don’t face strictness. They’re given more freedom and a chance to learn tasks that will save them in the future.

So, what are those correctional institutions? Do prisoners live in a relaxed environment? Here’s all you need to know. 

Top 5 Best Prisons in Illinois

These 5 correctional facilities in the state of Illinois are considered the best. The reasons for keeping them on the list of best are the management system.

For example, these prisons are maintained well by cleaning them regularly and providing prisoners with their basic needs. 

01. East Moline Correctional Center

The East Moline Correctional Center was established in 1980. It’s located in Rock Island County, Illinois. It can hold up to 1,452 prisoners.

It’s a minimum security prison meaning prisoners can have more freedom than other security-level inmates. 

Since this correctional institution’s convicts are less violent towards society, they can easily access any necessary service, whether medical care or communicating with their families.

The prison is spacious and has a low number of inmates. Guards and staff are friendly with the prisoners. 

Address: 100 Hillcrest Road, East Moline, IL 61244

Phone: (309) 755-4511
Fax: (309) 755-0498

02. Greene County Work Camp 

In 1993 the Greene County Work Camp was opened in South Roodhouse, Illinois. This may not seem like a prison, but it is.

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It’s because inmates here don’t get any punishment. Instead, they are taught different tasks and skills so that they can get jobs in the future after getting released. 

While its holding capacity is 200 prisoners, there are 125 inmates at present. It’s a military-style boot camp, so there are no fewer restrictions.

Offenders can learn about technology for careers as well as know about religions to practice a moral life. 

All Greene County Work Camp programs other than the “Religious” relate to work and career. Hence, it’s, of course, one of the best prisons in Illinois. 

Address: 2268 East Morton Avenue
Jacksonville, IL 62650

Phone: (217) 374-2177

03. Clayton Work Camp 

You can guess by the name that Clayton Work Camp is a great prison. It has minimum security, so prisoners can almost freely move. It was built in 1993 with a design of holding 150 inmates. But it now has only 45 offenders. 

It’s located in Adams County, Illinois. Here prisoners are inspired to learn various works and earn using their skills.

Guards and staff are respectful towards inmates and vice versa. They are offered proper food and medical attention. 

Physical Address: 306 Correctional Drive
Clayton, IL  62324 

Phone: (217) 894-6577

04. Jacksonville Correctional Center

The Jacksonville Correctional Center is considered one of the best prisons in Illinois. The primary reason for it to become a top correctional facility is its management system. It holds only 615 adult male offenders, while its actual capacity is 1,020. 

This prison always tries to keep fewer inmates so that the prison doesn’t become overcrowded. Moreover, the prison spends $38,077 per year for each individual. Inmates can access their basic needs and rights. 

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There’s almost no report of inmate-to-inmate fights. Overall, the environment inside Jacksonville Correctional Center is peaceful. 

Address: 2268 East Morton Avenue, Jacksonville, IL 62650

Phone: (217) 245-1481

Fax: (217) 245-1287

05. Murphysboro Life Skills Re-Entry Center

On 16th April 2018, the minimum security prison Murphysboro Life Skills Re-Entry Center was established in Elza Brantley Dr. Murphysboro, Illinois.

Although it’s designed to hold 240 inmates, it’s keeping 90 prisoners, only 37.5% of the total capacity. 

We may put this correctional institution at last, but it’s the best on our list. The reason for considering it the best is its spending per inmate which is $62,774 per year, which is a considerable amount.

This big budget helps inmates get all the essential services required to become productive in society. 

The employees are amiable, and inmates don’t get into fights as they have no mental stress. There is no issue of overcrowding which leads the institution to take care of convicts well. 

Address: 636 Elza Brantley Dr.
Murphysboro, IL 62966

Phone: (618) 565-2944

Final Words

These top 5 prisons in Illinois are doing a great job of keeping society safe and producing good people that will no longer harm us.

All these prisons have a minimum security system because less risky prisoners can overcome their past selves and traumas with less security.

Illinois’s 5 minimum security level correctional institutions have kept their name on this list for a long time. 

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