Top 5 List of Worst Prisons in the State of Colorado

When we imagine a prison, we mostly think of inmates living in a cell. But how many of us know the real hard lives of prisoners in the worst prisons? 

List of Worst Prisons in Colorado State.

There are correctional facilities that are harsher than most other detention centers. Both inmates and employees have a hard time there with deadly criminals. 

Today we will take a look at such a list of the top 5 prisons in the state of Colorado. We will share not only the experience of inmates but also the staff. 

Here are some shivering facts you must know about these correctional institutions. 

The List of Top 5 Prisons in the State of Colorado

These 5 correctional facilities in Colorado are considered the worst for their terrible conditions.

01. Sterling Correctional Facility

When we generally think about the worst prisons, a scenario comes to mind where only inmates are having trouble.

However, the scene in the Sterling Correctional Facility is different. Here both prisoners and employees face issues. The primary reason is the top management. 

According to reports, the top management of this correctional institution doesn’t care about the situations or conditions of the prison.

Hence the employees get less salary; they need more promotions and other benefits. Also, powerful gangs can create chaos and fight as the top management stays silent on everything. 

Address: 1250 Academy Park Loop

Colorado Springs, CO 80910

Phone Number: 719-579-9580

02. Administrative Maximum Facility

Another worst prison is the Administrative Maximum Facility. It’s located in Florence, Colorado. What makes this facility brutal is the overpowered gangs. It keeps offenders who have conducted bombing, killing, and human trafficking. 

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Such criminals aren’t afraid of the guards and staff as they get full support from the management. As a result, inmates with less or no money are always tortured by them.

Since the top gangs have money and power, they can do whatever they want, so neither the staff nor the weak offenders can leave peacefully. 

Address: 5880 CO-67, Florence, CO 81226, United States

Phone Number: 719-784-9464

03. La Vista Correctional Facility

La Vista Correctional Facility prisoners count every day as a tough day. Inmates face many difficulties. The biggest problem is not having money. Offenders in Las Vista complained that the facility always pressured their parents for money. 

Even just for an email alert, the prisoners must give the management a large amount of cash. They don’t often get the chance to call their family for other necessities. However, high-profile offenders get every advantage as they can give the authorities their demanding money. 

The inmate-to-inmate fights are a common scene there, and this has negative impacts on the prisoners’ lives and the employees’ lives. 

Address: 1250 Academy Park Loop

Colorado Springs, CO 80910

Phone Number: 719-579-9580

04. Colorado State Penitentiary

This prison is standing in Canon City, and it’s considered one of the worst prisons in America for its harsh situations. Inmates are kept in their cells for 23 hours. This strict confinement led several prisoners to lose their good mental health. 

Also, they don’t get enough medical services. Hence most of the time, they are left broken physically and mentally. A few staff have reported having a low salary. The overall cruel condition of this correctional facility makes it worse. 

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Address: 1250 Academy Park Loop

Colorado Springs, CO 80910

Phone Number:  719-579-9580

05. Camp George West Historic District

Camp George West Historic District was once a military base. Later it was turned into a correctional institution.

We put it as the least bad prison for a reason. Unlike other correctional facilities, this particular one has a few harsh conditions. 

Inmates are not always brutally treated; however, their services are limited. Inmates don’t get to talk to their families over the phone.

They also wait to get notified of their emails. Besides, some reports say medical facilities don’t have enough equipment to treat offenders properly. 

Address: 1220 Kilmer St, Golden, CO 80401, United States

Final Words

Some prisons in every state in America are considered the worst for their harsh environment. The state of Colorado has 5 such correctional facilities. These prisons are places where convicts can barely live. 

Living in confinement and enduring the roughness of the guards and powerful inmates are no less than huge punishments. However, some people think this is exactly what those criminals deserve. 

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