Top 7 List of Maximum Security Prisons in Colorado

A close look at Maximum Security Prisons in Colorado.

The State of Colorado in the United States has several maximum security correctional institutions that are made to house violent and dangerous prisoners. By keeping them confined behind bars, these prisons ensure public safety. 

As maximum security prisons play a significant role in keeping society and people safe, many are interested to learn about these correctional facilities.

Today we will only discuss the top 7 maximum security prisons in Colorado. To know every little detail about them, keep reading the article. 

Here’s the List of Top 7 Maximum Security Prisons in Colorado

These correctional institutions in Colorado have maximum security since they hold some notorious criminals. 

01. Colorado State Penitentiary

Managed by the Colorado Department of Corrections, the Colorado State Penitentiary opened in 1993. It has mixed security levels, including maximum to minimum.

It’s situated in Cañon City. It’s considered a top prison of the state for its efficiency in reducing criminal activity. 

The highly skilled staff, solid infrastructure, and use of modern technology ensure no dangerous prisoner can escape.

Moreover, their efforts to teach inmates good behavior and skills assist them in becoming more confident and valuable for themselves and society. 

02. ADX Florence

In 1995 the ADX Florence was built in Florence, Colorado. It’s a supermax prison. The prison is currently operating with only 324 inmates. The Federal Bureau of Prisons manages it. 

This correctional facility has a top-notch security system that ensures the safety of inmates and prison employees. The most deadly criminals are given counseling therapy, which slowly helps them become human again. 

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03. Limon Correctional Facility

The Limon Correctional Facility is situated near Limon, Colorado. It has many security facilities that also include maximum. Established in 1991, it became a top-rated prison to hold deadly and violent offenders. 

It features the latest technology used for security, like electronic doors, surveillance cameras, and perimeter fencing.

Inmates are also offered various programs for studying, working, and removing drug addiction. It can keep up to 960 inmates. 

04. Centennial Correctional Facility 

The Centennial Correctional Facility came into existence in 1980. This 43-year-old prison specializes in handling high-risk criminals. It’s able to hold 604 inmates. 

From keeping prisoners from the outside to ensuring they learn everything needed to lead a good life, this prison can do its job well. Hence, it made a place in our list of top maximum security correctional facilities in Colorado. 

05. Federal Correctional Complex

The Federal Correctional Complex in Colorado is also called FCC short. However, it has many security levels but is widely famous as a maximum security prison. The year of its establishment has yet to be discovered. 

The Federal Bureau of Prisons manages this correctional institution, where 7,200 inmates are housed. It’s prominent for having tight security policies. Thanks to its strict protocols and highly skilled staff for making the public in Colorado feel safe. 

06. Colorado Territorial Correctional Facility

Founded in 1871, the Colorado Territorial Correctional Facility is situated in Cañon City. With a capacity of 900 inmates, it has a maximum and other security levels. 

The prison hasn’t revealed the number of inmates it’s currently holding. Its robust infrastructure and tight security ensure no criminal gets the chance to escape. Its security is so strong that the people of Colorado never feel unsafe.

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07. La Vista Correctional Facility

This female-only prison in Colorado also has a maximum security level. It was opened in 2006 and is operated by the Colorado Department of Corrections.

This facility mainly focuses on rehabilitating women inmates, especially those who are less dangerous to society or are about to get released soon.

La Vista’s security system and way of managing inmates are praiseworthy, so it’s added to the top 7 list of maximum security prisons. 

Final Words

Colorado’s top 7 maximum security prisons play a vital role in keeping the entire state safe. The amusing security of these correctional facilities proved that even the danger of criminals could change positively under proper monitoring. 

They keep the prisoners under strict supervision and allow them to be skillful for the future by letting them complete their studies or learn various works. All the efforts these correctional institutions put in to keep society safe make them top prisons. 

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