List of Minimum Security Level 1 Prisons in California

In California, level 1 security prison means it provides minimum security to the prisoners. California measures up its state prisons security level by numbers. Level 4 means maximum security prison. Moreover, Level 3 and level 2 prisons have medium to maximum securities.

Level 1 prisons in california.

This is how California state prisons categorize. At present, California state has four level 1 prisons among 35 prisons. The number of level 1 prisons pretty low compare to others levels of prisons. In this blog, we let you know about these four levels 1 prisons in detail. 

What is a Level 1 Prison? 

A level 1 security prison is the lowest classification of the correctional institution. It’s also known as a minimum-security facility, which means that inmates can go out on work release programs during the day and are only subject to minimal supervision.

These facilities house prisoners who have committed nonviolent or non-serious crimes for an average of 18 months before they are released back into society. 

1. California Institution for Men

The California Institution for Men is a level 1 security prison in the state of California. It is one of the oldest prisons in California, and it has been operational since 1941 (21, June). The institution was the 4th oldest state prison at present 3rd in California. It’s located n the city of Chino, San Bernardino County, California. As per April 30, 2020 report CIM has 3357 inmates.

But this prison was designed with the capacity of 2976 inmates. There was an escaping history in CIM. In 1983 a prisoner named Levin Cooper was escaped from CIM. This prison is surrounded by 2,500-acre land. Dean Borders is the warden of CIM. 

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2. Correctional Training Facility

The Correctional Training Facility is another oldest state prison in California with level 1 security. It was opened in 1946 and provided administrative, educational, and vocational, and rehabilitation services to inmates for over 7 decades. CTF is located on U.S. Route 101, 5 miles north in Soledad, California.

This prison’s designed capacity of 3312 inmates, but it’s overcrowded with 4801 prisoners. Inmates in Correctional Training Facility can take advantage of many opportunities for growth and success. CTF offers inmate work programs, educational coursework, vocational training, GED preparation, substance abuse counseling, and parenting classes.

Inmates who have completed their sentence can look forward to a supportive re-entry program that includes help with housing, job placement assistance, and other services.

3. Sierra Conservation Center

The Sierra Conservation Center provides level 1 security, and it’s located in Tuolumne County, near Jamestown, California. It was built in 1965, and it has been operational since then. The Sierra Conservation Center holds 4,012 prisoners with the capacity of holding 3,836 inmates.

One thing that sets this prison apart from other prisons is its proximity to Yosemite National Park – just three miles away! This means that inmates can visit family members and friends who are also incarcerated at Sierra Conservation Center without being transported far away or incurring expensive phone charges. SCC has an area of 420-acre. 

4. Wasco State Prison

WSP is considered a level 1 security prison in California. It is often referred to as “WSP” or “the Wasco.” The Wasco opened in 1991 and located in Wasco, Kern County, California. The prison consists of 400-bed medium custody.

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As per April 30, 2020 report, the inmate’s density rate of WSP was 138.1%, with 4121 prisoners when it has a capacity of 2954 inmates. This prison has a medium area with 634-acre land.  


Level 1 security prisons are typically for non-dangerous inmates who don’t have a history of violence. These facilities provide mental health services and educational programs to prisoners on their path to rehabilitation.

They also offer vocational skills development, like carpentry or gardening, that can be used in the outside world after release! Most of the time these types of level 1 prisons use for short time housing of prisoners in California. 

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