List of Women’s Prisons in the State of Colorado

Particular correctional facilities are only for female criminals. These prisons are made in a way that they lead a safe life inside them and can make positive life changes. 

Look at the women's Prisons in the State of Colorado.

Prisons focus less on punishing females and more on educating them with higher studies. The primary goal is to offer rehabilitation. 

In Colorado, the number of prisons for women is only two. In order to know about these correctional institutions well, continue reading the article. 

List of Women’s Prisons in the State of Colorado

Colorado State has only two prisons for female inmates. Here’s everything you need to know about these two correctional facilities. 

Denver Women’s Correctional Facility – Denver

The Denver Women’s Correctional Facility in Denver, Colorado, only holds female offenders. This facility has the ability to house 975 inmates.

The prison allows its inmates to attend various programs that are provided for reentry into society. 

Some examples of the services are helping communicate with society, job training, substance abuse treatment, and education.

This correctional facility seeks to provide safety to female offenders and promote personal development. 

Switchboard: 303-307-2500

Physical Address: 3600 Havana Street, Denver, CO 80239

Mailing Address: PO BOX 392005, Denver, CO. 80239 

La Vista Correctional Facility – Pueblo 

In Pueblo, the La Vista Correctional Facility was partially opened in 2006. It has a mixed security level minimum to maximum and houses women.

It’s also an excellent prison for women in the United States as it ensures it fulfills inmates’ demands and needs. 

La Vista Correctional Facility does its job nicely, from educational classes to career training to supporting substance abuse.

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Reports say that it can keep 564 inmates, but the current number of offenders inside the prison is unknown. 

Switchboard: 719-544-4800

Addresses: PO BOX 3, Pueblo, CO. 81002

Final Words

The list of women’s prisons in the state of Colorado has only two names on it. The Denver Women’s Correctional Facility and La Vista Correctional Facility are two prisons for women in Colorado. 

These prisons are working hard to teach inmates good behavior, like giving primary education or teaching work. They focus on rehabilitation and thus help inmates get a good life after release. 

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