List of Top 5 Minimum Security Prisons in Colorado

Everything about minimum security prisons in Colorado.

Colorado has some prisons but with different security levels. There are maximum, minimum, medium, and supermax correctional facilities. Today we’ll discuss the top 5 minimum security prisons in Colorado. 

These correctional institutions are famous for providing prisoners with an encouraging and secure atmosphere.

Here we’ll talk about what such prisons offer to their inmates to get a better future. So, without wasting further time, let’s begin learning. 

These are the Top 5 Prisons in Colorado that Have Minimum Security Level 

These 5 famous prisons located in Colorado have minimum security levels. 

Buena Vista Correctional Facility

Originally Buena Vista Correctional Facility in Colorado was first established in 1892. Later it was reformed and transformed into an adult prison in 1978. It has many security levels, including minimum security. 

Its capacity for holding prisoners is 1259. As a minimum security correctional institution, it offers its inmates enough privacy and relaxation.

It also ensures that offenders get the chance to learn new things so that they will be helpful when they return to society. 

Arkansas Valley Correctional Facility

Arkansas Valley Correctional Facility is located in Ordway, Colorado. It came into existence in 1987. It claims to have the capacity to keep 1007 inmates.

However, the actual number of prisoners is unknown. It’s also a mixed security class prison which also has minimum security units. 

The main goal of the facility is to help inmates learn. They can join any educational and vocational training. They are not given mental pressures.

The environment of this place is praiseworthy. Hence, it’s considered one of the top minimum security class prisons in the state of Colorado. 

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Limon Correctional Facility

The Limon Correctional Facility is a level IV prison with varied security levels, including minimum. It’s a male-only prison situated at the Limon count of Colorado. In 1991 it came into existence with the capacity of keeping 960 inmates. 

It’s a top-class minimum security prison as it handles criminals well. The primary goal of this prison is to inspire the offenders to change their lifestyle and criminal thoughts by giving them everything they need to bring changes to them. 

Fremont Correctional Facility

The Fremont Correctional Facility is situated in the Cañon City of Colorado. The year of its establishment was 1962. It can hold 1661 prisoners. 

It has close, minimum, and medium security levels. Inmates that live in minimum security level units are given several opportunities to change themselves into someone new and positive.

Thanks to the academic and vocational programs of Fremont Correctional Facility. Moreover, the prison offers special counseling to the prisoners, which helps them have stable mental conditions. 

Federal Correctional Institution, Englewood

Federal Correctional Institution in Englewood is a low-security correctional facility that also has a minimum-security prison camp.

It was built in 1988. The current population of this correctional facility is 1,034 inmates, of which 186 are kept in the prison camp. 

It has clean and fresh rooms for prisoners. Convicts with mental issues get proper cognitive treatment. Moreover, they offer various educational and work programs, ensuring that the offender will not have problems finding a job after getting released. 

Final Words

Colorado’s top 5 minimum security prisons are designed to help inmates become better people for society through rehabilitation.

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They offer minimum security so offenders can change their attitude under less pressure. They are given the necessary things to survive, including studying and learning new works. 

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