The List Of Level 2 Security Prisons in California

California has several number of Level 2 Security Prisons. What does this mean? It means that these prisons have programs in place to help inmates with their rehabilitation, while still providing security for the public and staff.

How level 2 prisons look like in California?

The level of security determines what type of inmates are housed here, how they’re treated by guards/staff and the general layout of the facility. 

There are many different security levels for prisons, but level 2 is the most common. A level 2 prison in California can have anywhere from 1 to 4 cells that inmates stay in during the day. The rooms are about 8 by 10 feet and they usually contain a bunk bed, desk with chair, toilet and sink combo, and a small window on one wall.

Inmates spend their nights locked up in individual cells unless they’re participating in some kind of activity or program outside the cell block. Here’s the list of Level 2 prisons in California.

01. Avenal State Prison

Avenal State Prison is a level 2 security prison that was built On January 1987. It’s located in the city of Avenal, Kings County, California. Avenal has the capacity of 2920 but the but it’s overcrowded by 143.7% of it’s capacity.

Therefore, as per April 30 reports it has 4197 inmates. ASP has a large area of 640 Acres. Avenal has many program for it’s inmates including autobody, metal fabrication, PIA furniture, Alcoholics Anonymous, , warehouse plumbing and electrical, and egg production.

02. California City Correctional Facility

California City Correctional Facility, also known as “CAC,” is a level 2 security prison that houses inmates from California and other states. California City Correctional Facility is a level 2 security prison in California. It was founded in 2006 and has an operational capacity of 2304 inmates. It’s located 22844 Virginia Blvd California City, California. CoreCivic has the responsibility to provide security to CAC.

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Inmates are provided with services such as educational programs, working positions within the facility, and access to health care. California City Correctional Facility also offers inmate rehabilitation programs which allow them to work on their personal issues before they leave the facility. 

03. California Rehabilitation Center

The California Rehabilitation Center is listed as level 2 security prison which built in 1962. The location of CRC is Norco, Riverside County, California. 3341 inmates are staying here when CRC has only 2491 inmates’ capacity. Compare to others prison others California this prison has pretty smell area of 98 acres.

CRC has extra reputation for arranging program like, “six structured Substance Abuse Programs. It’s no secret that it can be difficult for prisoners to find jobs after release from jail or prison because many employers don’t want convicted felons working for them – this often leaves ex-convicts with few options but to return back into criminal activity.

04. Chuckawalla Valley State Prison

The Chuckawalla Valley State Prison is a level 2 security prison in Blythe, California in Riverside County. It has been in operation since December 1988. The prison can house 1738 inmates. According to the April 30, 2020 CVSP 586 more than it’s capacity which mean 2324 prisoners.

Chuckawalla Valley State Prison are allowed access to various recreational facilities including a gymnasium, an outdoor basketball court, an indoor basketball court, weight lifting equipment in the fitness room. Moreover, CVSP covers a large area of 1720 acres.

05. North Kern State Prison

North Kern State Prison is consider as level 2 security prison which located in Delano, Kern County, California. The facility has been operational since April 1993 and and provides medium level of security.

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North Kern was one of the first prisons to be built by the state after passage of proposition 184, which called for an increase in nonviolent prisoners being housed outside of San Quentin. It currently holds about 3630 inmates. NKSP offers the prisons to complete their High School education as most of them don’t get the chance to finish it.

06. Valley State Prison

Valley State Prison is known as VSP but previously this prison was only for women under the name of Valley State Prison for Women (VSPW). It’s a level 2 security prison and located Chowchilla, California. It was opened April 1995 and houses for 2971 inmates from all walks of life and different backgrounds. Moreover, VSP is overcrowded by around 1000 prisoners (April, 30 2020) report.

The prison provides programs to help rehabilitate inmates and prepare them for their release back into society including education, job skills training, vocational training, drug treatment programs, parenting classes, anger management courses and more.


The security system of level 2 prisons is designed medium security and prevent prisoners from escaping. It’s also important for the officers who staff these facilities and the people in nearby communities, as they are at risk if a prisoner escapes. Inmates convicted of violent crimes or first-time offenders sentenced to over 3 years can be housed in Level 2 Security Prisons.

These inmates live under strict supervision with minimal privileges which includes no contact visits, limited phone calls and television access, restricted movement outside their cells (except for showers), and limited mail.

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There are three main types of housing units within this type of prison facility: General Population Housing Units (GP) – where most inmates reside; Administrative Segregation Unit (ASU) – used for administrative.

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