How Many Prisons Are in California? State, Federal, and Private Prison

California is one of the most extensive prison systems in America. California has different category prisons, including state, federal, and private prisons. 

The number of Prisons in California.

The different organizations run each type of correctional facility. If you’re interested to learn how many prisons are in California? This article will inform you of everything. So, here we go.

State, Federal, and Private Prisons of California

As of 2023, the number of California’s state, federal and private prisons are discussed below: 

State-run Prisons in California 

One of the largest state-run prison systems in the United States is located in California. As of 2023, there are 34 state prisons in California.

The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) operates and maintains these correctional facilities. 

People with records of significant offenses like felonies are sent to state prisons. There the prisoners serve their sentences for years.

Some examples of state-run prisons in California are San Quentin State Prison, California State Prison in Los Angeles County, and Pelican Bay State Prison. 

Federal-run Prisons in California

California also has several federal prisons. These correctional facilities are run by the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP).

People who are found guilty of federal charges like drug trafficking, breaking immigration laws, and being involved with white-collar crimes are housed in these prisons. As of 2023, 13 federal prisons are standing on the land of California. 

Privately Owned Prisons in California

Like its name, private prisons are correctional facilities privately owned by some private organizations other than the government.

The number of private prisons in California is small. However, it’s believed that by the time the number can rise. 

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Although private, the government can still monitor these correctional institutions in order to ensure that standards and laws are appropriately followed here.

Some examples of private prisons are GEO’s Adelanto ICE Processing Center and CoreCivic’s La Palma Correctional Center. 

Final Words

The prison system in California is made up of a wide variety of institutions, including state-run, federal-run, and private prisons.

There is available information on state and federal prisons of California, but it’s hard to get detailed information about California’s private correctional facilities.

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