List of Federal Prisons in Illinois By Security Level

The prison system is an essential part of every country to keep the environment safe. Hence, every country, including the United States, has many correctional facilities in all its states. Today we will look at Illinois’s federal prisons list by security level. 

Let's see all the Federal Prisons in Illinois By Security Level.

Depending on a person’s crime, there are different security-level prisons. The more violent the criminal, the higher the security level of their destined prison.

So what are Illinois’s administrative, high, medium, and minimum security federal prisons? Here’s the list with details. 

List of Federal Prisons in Illinois By Security Level 

There are 9 federal prisons in the state of Illinois. Here’s the list of them based on the security levels. 

Administrative-Security Federal Prisons in Illinois

The only administrative or supermax federal prison in Illinois is MCC Chicago. This correctional facility only keeps criminals who pose the most risk to society. Here’s more about MCC Chicago. 

MCC Chicago

Although MCC Chicago is an administrative-security level federal correctional institution, it keeps all prisoners of all security types.

Both male and female offenders are held here. The construction of this prison started in 1971 and was finished in 1975. At present, there are 497 inmates. 


High-Security Federal Prisons in Illinois

The state of Illinois has one high-security level correctional institution named USP Thomson. As a high-security prison, it keeps criminals that committed horrible crimes like killing and participating in the robbery. 

USP Thomson

USP Thomson is primarily a prison with a high-security system; however, it also has a minimum-security level camp.

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It was opened in 2001 in Thomson, Illinois. It stands tall on 146 acres of land. Its security is so tight that it’s impossible to escape it.

USP Thomson has a 700-volt electric fence surrounding the entire area. It’s currently holding 1,326 prisoners. 

Address: 1100 ONE MILE ROADTHOMSON, IL  61285

Medium Security Federal Prisons in Illinois

There are three prisons with medium security levels in Illinois. These correctional facilities don’t keep their inmates in extreme isolation, but these prisons also don’t allow offenders to live in relaxation.

Criminals caught for basting bombs, murdering, and doing scandals are held in such correctional institutions. 

01. Federal Correctional Institution, Greenville

Federal Correctional Institution in Greenville, Illinois, was established to keep male offenders. It comes with a medium security level to hold male offenders.

However, since 2000 a minimum security prison camp has owned female convicts. Eric Williams is the warden of the correctional facility currently holding 1,200 inmates. 

02. United States Penitentiary, Marion

United States Penitentiary in Marion, Illinois, is another medium security level correctional institution that also has a minimum security level prison camp. It has both male and female inmates. 

It was made in 1963 in order to replace the maximum security federal prison in San Francisco. This was the beginning of having the first “control unit” in the history of the United States prison system. 

As of August 2023, the population of USP Marion is 1,275. Daniel Sproul is the current warden of this correctional facility. Although it used to have dangerous criminals in earlier times, now most of its prisoners are less violent. 

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03. Federal Correctional Institution, Pekin 

Federal Correctional Institution in Pekin, Illinois prison was opened in 1994. It has a medium security level and only holds male convicts. The Federal Bureau of Prisons does all its operations. 

The history of its existence is fascinating. In 1988 13,665 people had to vote to get a federal prison in Pekin, Illinois. However, the votes were fewer than 1%, yet the dungeon managed to come into existence. 

Federal Correctional Institution in Pekin also has a minimum security level prison camp where 300 prisoners are kept. The rest of the 900 inmates are in the maximum security level facility. 

Minimum Security Federal Prisons in Illinois

Four federal correctional facilities in Illinois have minimum security levels. Such prisons keep offenders less risky for society or not powerful enough to escape the prison system. 

People with records of white-collar crimes like fraud or embezzlement are sent to these prisons. These four minimum-security correctional institutions are adjusted to medium and higher-security federal prisons. 

1. FCI Greenville Camp (adjusted to Federal Correctional Institution, Greenville)

2. USP Marion Camp (adjusted to United States Penitentiary, Marion) 

3. FCI Pekin Camp ( adjusted to Federal Correctional Institution, Pekin)

4. USP Thomson Camp (adjusted to United States Penitentiary, Thomson) 

Final Words 

Federal Prisons in the United States play a significant role in keeping the states crime free. A large number of correctional facilities are operated under the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP). 

In the state of Illinois, there are 9 federal prisons with different security levels. It’s a must to know about these correctional institutions to value the prison system’s efforts and understand its worth. 

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