List of Top 5 Minimum Security Prisons in Illinois

Illinois is a big state in the United States located in its midwest region. Since it’s a vast state, several federal and state prisons exist. Most Illinois correctional facilities have minimum security level. 

What are the minimum security prisons in Illinois?

However, this article will only discuss the top 5 minimum security prisons in Illinois, depending on their conditions. So, without further ado, let’s get started. 

Top 5 Minimum Security Prisons in Illinois 

These 5 prisons in the list below are in Illinois. These correctional facilities are regarded as top prisons for many reasons, including the rehabilitation process, management system, and maintaining a safe environment inside and outside the facilities.

01. Lincoln Correctional Center

In 1984 the Lincoln Correctional Center was built and opened in Illinois. It is designed to house 1,019 inmates. The prison keeps adult male offenders.

It has only 576 prisoners, and as a result, convicts can have privacy in their cells. They are free to work, contact guards, and sometimes even inmates. 

Prisoners of Lincoln Correctional Center can continue studying by enrolling in GED, ABE, or Liberal Studies.

The annual cost of this prison per inmate is $25,962, which is not significant, but offenders can study for this little backup from the government. 

Moreover, some programs help inmates learn industrial and other works that will help them build a strong career after release. Hence, it’s, of course, one of the top prisons in Illinois. 

Address: P.O. Box 549
Lincoln, IL 62656

Phone: (217) 735-5411
Fax: (217) 735-5381

02. Robinson Correctional Center

Robinson Correctional Center in Illinois came into existence in 1991. With a capacity of holding 1,223 inmates, it only houses adult males. Rachel Dodd is the current warden of the facility. 

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Currently, it’s keeping around half its total capacity, meaning there’s no chance of overcrowding or privacy hampering. Prisoners have a good bonding with one another, so there’s no report of inmate fights. 

The facility spends $26,370 every year per inmate. This is, of course, not a good amount; however, it’s on our list of top prisons for its sound management system. 

Address: 13423 East 1150th Avenue
Robinson, IL 62454

Phone: (618) 546-5659
Fax: (618) 544-2166

03. Southwestern Illinois Correctional Center

With only 376 prisoners, the Southwestern Illinois Correctional Center stands tall in Kingshighway, Illinois. It was made in 1995.

This is indeed one of the top minimum security correctional institutions in the state of Illinois since it spends $46,146 for an individual per year. 

Hence, every offender can access the services they need. Besides, it maintains a spacious and clean environment.

Inmates are offered various programs that will help them get an excellent job in the future. Kristy Quest is the current warden of the prison. 

Address: P.O. Box 129
East St. Louis, IL 62203 

Phone: (618) 394-2200
Fax: (618) 394-2228

04. Taylorville Correctional Center

Opened in 1990, the Taylor Correctional Center is situated in Illinois. It can hold over 1,221 prisoners. This minimum security prison only houses male offenders. 

The current population of the correctional institution is 747 inmates. There’s no report of inmate violence or guard abuse. The cells are clean, and prisoners get to eat hygienic foods. 

Overall, Taylorville correctional facility is an excellent place for prisoner rehabilitation. Although it only spends $29,110 per year per inmate, prisoners don’t usually complain. 

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05. Vandalia Correctional Center

Vandalia Correctional Center is the last top-ranked minimum security prison on our list. This correctional institution is a male-only prison that was built in 1921.

Although it was designed to hold 1,300 inmates, it’s housing 575 convicts meaning its population is less than half its actual capacity. 

The annual cost per prisoner of Vandalia Correctional Center is $34,670, which is reasonable. However, this prison is ranked top for keeping fewer offenders, keeping the environment friendly, and managing inmates so that inmate violence doesn’t exist there. 

Final Words

The state of Illinois has many correctional institutions with minimum security levels.

But the facilities in our list of 5 minimum security prisons in Illinois have ranked top for being a safe place for prisoners to learn and change themselves. 

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