All About ADX Florence The Only Supermax Prison in Colorado

Image of ADX Florence the only Supermax Prison in Colorado.
ADX Florence. Photo courtesy of the Bureau of Prisons / The Gazette via AP Images

Do you know that dangerous criminals are not put in the same prison as those offenders who committed minor crimes? Depending upon a person’s offense, they are placed in different security-level correctional facilities. 

There are different levels of security prisons, but the most secure one is called a “Supermax” prison.

One of the most prominent supermax correctional facilities is in Colorado, United States. In this article, we’ll discuss all about that supermax prison in the state of Colorado. 

The Purpose of Supermax Prisons 

Supermax prisons are also called control units or administrative maximum. Such facilities keep dangerous inmates who are considered a risk to society and prison staff.

Their activities are highly supervised in these correctional institutions. The main goals of a supermax prison are to prevent violent inmates’ escape and reduce the possibility of organized crimes. 

The Supermax Prison in Colorado

Colorado in the United States has one of the most secure correctional facilities. It’s called Penitentiary Administrative Maximum Facility (ADX Florence). It’s located in Florence, Colorado. It was built in January 1995 to house the most infamous criminals.

ADX Florence is prominent worldwide for its strict rules and tight security measures. According to reports, its holding capacity is 400 offenders, but currently, there are only 328 inmates. 

How ADX Florence Controls Inmates

As the criminals put in ADX Florence are considered as most dangerous, they, of course, require extra security. Reports say that an inmate in this prison isn’t allowed to move outside the cell unless guards surround them. They have to stay 23 hours inside the cage. 

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There is no window, and the cell doors are electronically controlled. There are surveillance cameras all over the prison to monitor inmates well.

Such tight security is ensured to keep the staff safe. Inmates can hardly communicate with one another. Prisoners in ADX Florence are controlled very strictly. 

Controversies Regarding ADX Florence

ADX Florence went through several controversies for years for its rigorous security, which disturbed the inmates even more mentally.

In 2012 many prisoners of ADX Florence filed suit against the supermax prison for chronic abuse. 

They also claimed that the prison failed to diagnose offenders with severe mental illness properly. This led to the suicides of inmates, including those who filed the lawsuit. According to reports, at least 8 prisoners have died by suicide. 

Final Words

Supermax prisons like ADX Florence in Colorado are needed to keep society safe from violence and offer peace to the country of people.

These were everything about the Supermax prison in Colorado. To know more about other supermax correctional facilities, try reading other articles.

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