List of Top 5 Maximum Security Prisons in Illinois

Let's know about Maximum Security Prisons in the State of Illinois.

Illinois is a vast state in America that has different security-level prisons. However, Illinois prisons with maximum security levels are drawing more attention from people since they hold notorious and dangerous criminals. 

Since these correctional facilities are doing a great job of keeping society safe, it’s worth learning about them.

So here’s the list of Illinois’s top 5 maximum security prisons with every bit of detail you want to take advantage of. 

These 5 Maximum Security Level Prisons in Illinois are Playing a Vital Role in Keeping Your Environment Safe

These are the 5 correctional facilities in Illinois with maximum security that holds convicts with terrible criminal records. 

01. Illinois River Maximum 

Illinois River Maximum was Opened on 13th December 2018 at Locust Street, Canton, Illinois. This prison holds criminals who require the tightest security system. It’s a male-only correctional facility with a population of only 27 inmates. 

Although it can keep 58 prisoners, Illinois River Maximum Prison is trying to avoid making the facility crowded. Inmates are under 24/7 monitoring and restricted from making inmate-to-inmate contacts. 

With all those strict security, the prison also allows the convicts to change for their future. They offer them academic and vocational training. Offenders can also take therapies and consultations in order to improve their mental health. 

Address: 1300 W. Locust Street

Canton, IL 61520

Phone Number: (309) 647-7030

02. Stateville Correctional Center

In March 1925, the construction of Stateville Correctional Center ended in Crest Hill, Illinois. This maximum-security prison can hold up to 1,252 prisoners.

However, its current population is 1,091. This prison spends a good amount of money on the convicts. It costs the prison $51,929 a year for an individual. 

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The prison has some helpful programs for convicts that are pretty costly. Inmates can enroll in Adult Basic Education and General Education Development. Some programs help learn new skills like recycling, making soap, and barbering. 

Address: 16830 IL-53, Crest Hill, IL 60403, United States

Phone Number: (815) 727-3607

03. Menard Correctional Center

Menard Correctional Center is an old prison that has several security levels, including maximum security.

It was established in March 1878 at 711 E Kaskaskia, Menard, Illinois. Its operational capacity is 2,575, but it’s holding 2,192 inmates, of which 1,770 are maximum security prisoners. 

This correctional facility keeps adult male inmates. Sadly, it sounds less for its prisoners compared to other prisons.

The average annual cost for an individual in Menard Correctional Center is 40,012 US dollars. The best thing about this correctional institution is it offers a variety of programs to educate inmates. 

Prisoners can get special education services, ABE, GED, and Job Preparedness and Correspondence Classes. There is also vocational training like construction trades, meat processing, knitting and sewing, and more. 

Address: 711 E Kaskaskia St, Menard, IL 62259, United States

Phone Number: (618) 826-5071

04. Pontiac Correctional Center

Opened in 1871, the Pontiac Correctional Center in West Lincoln Street, Illinois, is a maximum security level prison and a medium security level. It’s a male-only facility that can keep 1,255 prisoners. 

However, the population is a little less than its capacity. There are 1,065 inmates in total, and 738 are kept in the maximum security facility. Pontiac Correctional Center is praised for how it takes care of inmates. 

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It annually spends $70,366 per inmate and ensures to inspire them to learn all necessary things by studying and training. It also pays attention to its prisoners’ physical and mental health and provides essential medical services. 

Address: 700 West Lincoln Street

Pontiac, IL 61764 

Phone Number: (815) 842-2816

05. Northern Reception and Classification Center

The Northern Reception and Classification Center in Illinois came into existence in 2004. It’s a maximum security level correctional center where only male offenders are kept for weeks or months. Hence, this is a temporary place for violators. 

A convict is kept here unless it’s decided where the prisoner’s final destination will be. It can save 1,625.

Since it’s not a permanent place for an offender, there isn’t much information available about Northern Reception and Classification Center. 

Address: 16830 South Broadway Street

Phone Number: (815) 727-3607

Final Words

Illinois has some correctional institutions that are the strictest with its inmates. These correctional facilities are called maximum security prisons. 

There are 5 such prisons where prisoners are taught rules and guided through various teachings. They are also restricted from communicating with other inmates; hence the chance for prisoners to be misguided is zero. 

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