How Can You Send Pictures to Inmates in Jail by Pelipost App

If you have a friend or relative in jail, at least once you have wanted to send pictures or write a letter to inmates, right? And coming to that point, the Pelipost app has been the first choice of most of the people who wanted to know the answer of how to send pictures to inmates.

Image sending process to inmates in prison.

Pelipost app is a specialized app with multiple creative features. The most interesting part is, you only need to add your photos from your mobile phone, upload it, and send it through your mail.

The app features free printing services and shipping that almost makes you relieved from literally any confusion! But the question remains: What are the rules for sending pictures to inmates? Or what kind of pictures can you send to jail?

In this article, we will talk with you about thousands of questions like this to make you flexible about your inmate’s initials. Stay with us to know what you should and should not do for a better, error-free picture sending procedure. 

Can you send pictures to Inmates in jail?

It’s an unwritten truth that jail forces a man to forget his memory that once was his origin of life. But should we just leave it that way? Don’t we have an option to make them feel better?

Well, yeah, there is- send inmate pictures. You can send your friend a family picture, a childhood picture, or even an ordinary picture of the outside world. When you remain respectful to the regulations of the jail officials, you can obviously send photos to inmates.

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Rules for sending Pictures to Inmates

You don’t want to fall into the grip of allegations and fail your plan, do you? It’s the worst thing you can imagine, and this image will turn into reality for sure. But how? 

The answer is- if you don’t follow the proper rules. Following are the rules one must be concerned about before sending pictures to prisoners-

1. Any paper that can be peeled apart like- polaroids. This is not allowed.

2. According to the law of prison, some jail officials allow one piece of the picture, and some allow more than one.

3. Picture should be within the limit of 8×10 or 5×7 inches.

4. You can’t send pictures of any inmate’s own self.

What kind of Pictures can you Send to Jail?

This question is very common and way more important compared to the other queries one might have in their mind. Because when you don’t know what kind of pictures you can send, then how can you approach any further?

To ensure that your dedication doesn’t go astray, at first, you should know about the appropriate size of the photo. Though it might vary from prison to prison, we consider 8×10 or 5×7 inches as the ideal size. 

Then exclude the prohibited topics like- weapons, money, drugs. Instead, try to compensate him with the family pictures or topics related to that. The Pellipost app has been a blessing regarding these things. This app easily gets you through all the picture sending procedures and saves you from any headache.

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Sending Pictures to Federal Inmates:

Defendants who are detained in jail and accused of federal crime are generally locked into federal jail. As their type of accusation is different from other inmates, their regulation procedure is also specific. In order to send pictures to federal inmates, you must follow some basic rules-

  1. Attach the ID number and address on the back portion of the photo.
  2. Be alert to the nude or any sexually provoking images.
  3. Tattoos are not allowed in most jails for safety precautions.
  4. Be careful of the size.
  5. Never send any additional elements with those pictures.

How to send Pictures to Inmates through Free Prints?

When you are trying to send photos to inmates, it’s necessary to look through your plan of action. Suppose if you are using any traditional scanner or printer to print your pictures, can you guess what error might occur?

First of all, it would cost you a huge amount of money. Next, it’s way more time-consuming than you would ever think it would be! So, the best way to save your valuable time and money is to send it through free prints.

There are a lot of apps out there in the market to help you with that. But to find out the best app for free prints, check out the full article!

App to Send Pictures to Inmates

While you are busy conveying your heartfelt feelings through some pictures to your prisoner friend, we are here trying to ensure that your feelings don’t get hurt. But how would that happen?

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The answer is easy- The Pelipost app.

Through this app, you can send pictures to all correctional facilities in the USA. You’ll not be charged any money for shipping too and also there is a guarantee of delivering within 3- 5 business days. 

The app provides the option of personalizing photos, 24/7 customer support, and extreme privacy. So, whether you are accustomed to sending pictures or just started, this is your go-to-go option without any doubt!

Final Words

We know the significance of visualization rather than sending a letter or mail to your loved ones. Also, your love would not lack considering that your friend is in jail, right?

So, never think you are alone when Pelipost is here! Go through this blessing once and check out the features. If you are still confused, d let us know in the comment section!

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