How to Send Mail To Inmates in Jail |The Rules and Regulations

When drug intake and contraband have become the worst scenario in jail inmates, knowing how to send Mail to inmates in jail is the initial thing. But the whole process is not easy to run.

You need to understand what you should and shouldn’t initiate. Then, of course, you have to know how to start a process, regulate it and end it the way you want.

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So, what are the exact rules and regulations for sending Mail to inmates? Will it get rejected if you don’t follow those? Is the process so long to carry out?

Well, no, until you know the exact procedure and the ins and outs. In this article, we are going to talk about the proper way, regulations, and the identified new rules.

We’d also love to give you all the related ideas to help you remove your extra stress. Keep on reading more to get a thorough idea for your next Mail to inmates!

Inmate Mail Rules and Regulations 

The first thing you’ll be searching for in this article is the rules and regulation system, right? So, without any further do, we are here to satisfy your thirst. Incoming inmate mails should include the following specifications-

  1. Full name of that specific inmate or receiver (first and last name).
  2. Exact serial number or booking number.
  3. There is no limit on the page number of your Mail or letter. You can write as much as you want.
  4. No Deputy Sheriff or jail commander can receive the Mail sent to an inmate.
  5. You need to send through a proper sending method that ensures you deliver within 24 hours. Any mail or even a letter sent after 24 hours will not be accepted.
  6. Jail inmates can receive correspondence from any unofficial person.
  7. There is no language barrier. You can write in any language and tone. 
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Some new directives have been included in terms of this method. Partially these are included with the approval of the facility Commander of all the jails. Check the ensuing points to have proper knowledge-

  • The senior jail staff can open incoming Mail which doesn’t bear the sign of privilege mail without letting him know.
  • The custody- staff, can read any of the non-privileged mails to ensure safety.
  • The District Attorney’s Office can issue a “Mail watch” to have proper monitoring by the classification unit.
  • The Facility Commander will be all-in-all responsible if anything wrong happens.

How to Mail Inmate in Jail

If you want to know how to send Mail to someone in jail, you probably are in the process of inmate mail online. It’s quite easy on one side and hard just in contrast- it depends on how much you know about it.

For example, if you use publications that are not available to the general public, it would also be unavailable to the inmates. In the end, all your efforts, or we’d say emotions, would be shattered into pieces and sent back to you again!

Following are some proper procedures for how to mail an inmate-

1. You can’t include any Lewd materials. Lewd materials include-

  • Any description of sexual conductivity or intimacy.
  • Any objectified thing that includes visual representation. For example- including photography, videos, animation, and so on. You can send those in a particular way but not through your Mail.
  • Nude representation of any object on depictions.
  • Drawing or graphics that contain nudity.
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2. Always include the full name and address initially.

3. It Must be written with a positive vibe. Never discourage him with your words.

4. Avoid third-class or junk mail.

5. After completing your Mail, send it from an authorized cyber and remember to write the proper address while sending. 

How to Send Federal Inmate Mail

Prisoners who are confined within the Federal Bureau of Prison are known as the federal units. The specialty they have in their position is that they can use legal telephone calls and visit facilities. When we talk about mails, federal inmate mails also include some regulations-

  • Full name of the attorney and the prisoner.
  • Full title or booking number.
  • Legal Mail- mails should be only opened in the presence of federal mates.

What are the things Prisoners Receive in the Mail?

Amidst all these queries, the most common and fascinating question is, what are things prisoners receive in the Mail? To talk about it precisely, the most common things are- 

  • Books- paper books, magazines, folders, and hardbacks.
  • Clothing- blankets, sheets, etc.
  • Toys without batteries, toys without any liquid substances.

How to Mail a Letter to Jail Inmates

We would say this step is known to almost everyone who has at least one inmate in jail. Still, we are showing you some basic and easy ways to send.

1. Always cover the letter in an envelope.

2. Enclose the envelope with a first-class stamp.

3. Address your name, location, and the address of the jail.

4. Don’t forget to buy extra postage in case of an emergency.

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5. Send the letter through the verified “Blue collection box.”


Having an inmate in jail and not being able to see him/her is tough. But things like- Mail, photos, or letters are our only way out to decrease that distance.

It’s not like we always remain prepared for the circumstances, but having an idea always ensures an accurate remedy! So, don’t be confused next time when you’d want to send Mail to inmates. 

If you still have any queries, do let us know!

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