Why Was Bastille Most Hated Prison in France?

The Bastille Saint-Antoine recognizes a Bastille fortress that was constructed in Paris. It played a crucial piece in France’s constant wars. They also employed the kings of France as a government prison for the vast majority of their existence. 

Is Bastille most hated prison in France?

At the outbreak of the French Revolution, they dismantled it. Political opponents attacked the Bastille French monarchy. The Bastille, France’s worst hated prison, attack and retake by French rebels. 

The renowned French prison was foremost just. It had historically seen this prison as a representative of King Louis XVI’s terrible government. Its collapse was the center of the French Revolution and the foundation of the First Republic. Sounds interesting?

We try to research it. It’s time to share about the Why was Bastille Most Hated Prison in France. Here you go…

What does the French word Bastille mean?

Bastille was A French prison whose storming in 1789 CE sparked the French Revolution. Origin of the word: From Bastia, plural of Bastile, from Bastire. A bastille is a castle tower or fortified fortification, a tiny citadel or fortification.

Why did the French people hate Bastille?

The Bastille was a fortification in Paris that the kings of France used as a state prison. It hates across France because it represented the king’s despotic power. It symbolized the repressive nature of the French monarchy since the prisoners comprised political opponents of the king.

When was the Bastille Built?

On 14 July 1730, The Bastille about 1357 AD as a defensive fortification, mostly against England. The Bastille was a constructed prison and fortress in Paris, France.

During the French Revolution, a crowd of French people demanding explosives attacked the Bastille. They liberated the remaining prisoners and slaughtered the Bastille commander.

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It only housed a few criminals. They kept weapons and gunpowder; it refurbished and expanded over time as its functions shifted.

Later, it converts into a prison for political prisoners and criminals. Inside, but it transferred them before the crowd attacked the castle.

Why did the French people hate the Bastille fortress prison?

The French people hated the Bastille fortress prison because they established King Louis XVI’s authoritarian authority.


  • In July 1798, there were several causes linked to the reports of the Bastille’s destruction.
  • It said that they demolished it by common people, who also released the seven convicts from prison.
  • They sold the stone constructions of this location at the marketplace to those who wished to keep them as a memorial of the region.

Final thought: 

The Bastille represented social inequalities, elitism, and an authoritarian state. France people hated it for representing the king’s despotic rule. 

For, this power citizens in France had little to no power and were always afraid of the government. They tortured prisoners, demonstrating the savagery of the French kings. 

Many of those transported there were guilty, creating public anger by the French authorities. A year on “Bastille Day,” a national holiday in France, the events celebrate. I try to research it deeply. Is there any mistake that happens? Please comments. We hope you will like it.

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