Why Swedish Prison Cells Are Different from Other Prisons Cells

Want to know why Sweden prison cells are different from other prison cells? You would be surprised to know that the prisons of Sweden have some great differences. 

An image of Swedish Prison Cells.

For example, the primary difference between a Swedish prison cell is its unique way of managing inmates, where they put more effort into prisoners’ rehabilitation than punishing them. 

More differences will change your concept of how a prison is. While prisoners in the United States are mentally broken inside the prison, the situation for Swedish prisoners is completely the opposite. Let’s know everything in detail. 

The Main Difference of  Prison Cells in Sweden Compared to Other Country Prison Cells

The biggest difference between Swedish prison cells and other prison cells like the USA’s is the environment inside the facilities.

For example, in most countries, such as the United States, prisoners are often put in solitary confinement for hours. This can lead to a severe mental breakdown.

Sometimes over three prisoners are held inside a small room. This often leads to inmate fights, but guards care less about their fights. 

However, the scene inside a Sweden prison cell is the opposite of the United States. There are no inmate fights, guards brutality, or even solitary confinement.

When the director of the American Civil Liberties Union’s National Prison Project, Alvin, visited a Sweden prison, he was astonished by the environment and shared these facts in an interview. 

Sweden’s Law Believes in Putting Fewer People Behind the Bars 

Swedish law ensures that people agree to all of their rules. Swedish people don’t believe in imprisoning more people like the USA and other countries. They think inmates are harmed there, no matter how simple the rules are. 

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The Swedish law believes in a philosophy: “Only those who pose a clear danger to public safety are imprisoned.” According to the law of Sweden, people who drive while drunk are the chief criminals.

How Much Do Swedish Prisons Punish the Inmates 

When it’s about crimes, any criminal would think that life behind bars would be inhumane. However, suppose that person is in Sweden and has committed a crime.

In that case, they will get lesser punishment than in other countries, meaning they will have less fear of going inside the correctional facility. 

This is due to the thinking of the Swedish people and its law. Their law believes in creating better humans through imprisonment by teaching them ethics and morals with isolation and not breaking them mentally by giving tough punishments. 

The people and law of Sweden believe that the offenders will one day return to society, and they can be more dangerous if not taken care of with love. They ensure that every inmate comes out with a fresh new mind with positivity, not negativity. 

These prisoners can also contribute to creating a stronger economy by being productive. Hence, the correctional facilities of Sweden are mostly focused on rehabilitation. 

Other Reasons Why Sweden Prisons are Different than Other Prisons in the World

These factors also make Sweden’s prisons different than other countries’ prisons: 


We’ve learned that the cells of Swedish prisons are larger when we compare the prison cells of Sweden and other countries. They rank among the biggest in the world. 

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While a Sweden prison cell generally measures 10-12 square meters (107-129 square feet), the size of a prison cell in the United States is about 6-8 square meters (64-86 square feet). This is comparably too small. 


Sweden prefers rehabilitation over punishment, so its prisons have many facilities like mini-fridges, TVs, and private bathrooms. However, only some Swedish correctional facilities provide these amnesties. 

How Much Do Swedish Prisons Punish The Inmates.
Image by Jeremy Keith licensed under CC BY 2.0


The offenders in Sweden prisons can enjoy privacy. They don’t have to share the rooms with other inmates. Every offender is locked up in separate cells. This led to the reduction of inmates to inmate violence. 


We must mention it once more. The key difference between Swedish prison cells and those in many other countries is the concentration on rehabilitation. 

The prison system in Sweden is built on the concept that inmates need to be treated with respect. The law should allow offenders to learn new skills to prepare for life after release. 

Final Words

The Sweden prison cells are different from other prison cells in some characteristics. Swedish correctional facilities offer larger and more pleasant cells with facilities like TV, fridge, and personal toilets.

Inmates also get enough privacy and are treated well. This makes the Swedish correctional facilities different and a better place for a lawbreaker.

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